Different Types Of Doorknobs

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There are many styles and finishes to choose from when it comes to doorknobs, levers, and handle sets. Many are simple to install, and some are designed for right-handed or left-handed users. This guide will explain the various types of doorknobs, levers, and handle available sets.

Dummy Door Knobs

What is a “dummy” doorknob? What is a dummy doorknob? They are one-sided fake knobs. They can be installed either on the door’s surface or behind it. You can use them on double doors because they come in pairs. These knobs do not have any working parts. These knobs are ideal for small closets or pantry spaces, as well as the interior of French doors.

Passage Door Knobs

Passage knobs look similar to dummy knobs. They are not lockable, but they can be used to open doors or move between rooms. Passage knobs are great for interior hallways, closets, and other rooms that do not require privacy locks. These are also known as unkeyed knobs.

Keyed Entry Door Knobs

Keyed entry knobs are equipped with a lock-and-key mechanism on both ends for security and safety. These knobs can be used on exterior doors such as garage doors, front doors, patio doors, and garage doors. Some doors have an inside button that you can press to lock them. When you turn the interior knob, the button will unlock. Some keyed entry knobs also have a twist mechanism that you can turn to lock the door or unlock it.

Privacy Door Knobs

Privacy door knobs are a twist- or button lock that only works from one side.

Privacy door knobs with button locks can have a pinhole at the outside knob and generic keys that open the lock. These doorknobs can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas that require privacy but don’t require keyed locks.

Door Knob Styles

Rustic Doorknobs: Rustic knobs are popular in ranch-style decor and modern farmhouse decor.

Classic Door Knobs – These knobs are often shaped like a sphere or round and are easy to grasp and turn. These traditional knobs are simple and easy to match with any interior. This style is simple to replace if necessary.

Modern Door Knobs – These knobs are perfect for minimalistic or modern interior design.

Doorknob Finishes

You can choose from many finishes for doorknobs to match your home’s decor. Consider matching your bath or electrical fixtures with the doorknobs.

Bronze: Over time, the color of doorknobs in antique bronze or oil-rubbed bronze can change. The knob will reveal more of the color beneath the brown veneer as you use it.

Nickel: Satin nickel is sometimes called brushed nickel. It has a textured appearance.

Black: This elegant, sophisticated color is perfect for minimalistic, modern decor.

Chrome: While chrome looks elegant and traditional, it is sleek enough to be used in modern interiors.

Brass: If you intend to use the handleset, knob, or lever on an exterior door, a polished brass finish will prevent tarnishing. Polished brass is great for both traditional and contemporary designs.

Pewter: Emtek door hardware made from pewter can be ordered in either an antique or flat finish.

Stainless Steel: This durable stainless steel is ideal for exterior applications.

Copper: These elegant and fashionable copper handles may have antimicrobial qualities, which could help to stop some microorganisms from spreading.

Clear, Faceted, Or Etched Finishes: These will add extra decorative detail to any room.

Zinc: Zinc alloy door handles are strong and rust-proof.

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