May30 , 2023

Tips For Lighting Up Your Dining Room In The Right Way


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The right type of lighting fixtures is like jewelry for any room. Even though selecting appropriate lighting fixtures is not a difficult task, it surely needs some brainstorming. If you are in the middle of decorating your dining area, here we have some great tips for you.

The dining area is one of those rooms where you are going to make plenty of happy memories sitting with friends and family and indulging in your favorite food. This means, you definitely need it to be well lit. There are a few key points to consider and many options to choose from when it is about buying lighting fixtures for dining areas. Let’s see what are they…

Points to keep in mind:

Consider the shape

Pick a fixture depending on the size, shape, and style of the table rather than the room. For instance, a round chandelier will easily suit a round table. Linear light fixtures like the Glass Globes Linear Chandelier of Sofary are perfect for regular and extension tables. It is classy and simple and can surely complement your room in the best way. Learn here more about it.

Calculate the size

Mostly you will be hanging a light fixture right above the center of the dining table. For this, it is best if you purchase a fixture that is 12 inches smaller than the dining table from all directions. This means, for a 4-foot wide table, you need a fixture that is 2 feet wide.

Fix the hanging length

You certainly don’t want a hanging light fixture banging in your head every now and then. So, ensure that the bottom of the light fixture is at least 30 inches above the table surface.

Get the right brightness

When it comes to brightness, there are multiple ways in which you can achieve what you exactly want. For instance, you can install a lighting fixture that is dim, bright, or the one which comes with a dimmer on it. you can brighten or dim it as per your need and mood. Also, you can use layers of light to ensure the room is bright enough. Using recessed lights, wall sconces, etc. can help.

Mind the spacing

If you are using multiple pendant lights, it is crucial that you maintain proper spacing. Make sure that the entire table is getting consistent light, and space the lights depending on how big the table is and how many people will be sitting on it.

Go for something massive if needed

If your dining room is huge, it is best if you select a massive light fixture. The big size of the fixture will visually appeal to any visitor, as well as not look odd or out of place in a big size room.

Consider wall lights

Certain dining rooms cannot accommodate a hanging light fixture, and thus you got to consider the wall lights. wall sconces are your best option in this case. You can opt for LED lights to ensure the room is enough bright.

The best part about modern dining room light fixtures is they are extremely versatile. Right from the traditional and farmhouse style to contemporary and shiny chandeliers, you can get everything. Besides, for ideas, you can always depend on stores like Sofary as they keep on coming up with new and latest light fixtures repeatedly.